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A Force For Good: Activist Code of Conduct

AFFG's Thin Red Line at Galashiels Pic AFFG 1-6-19


Activist Code of Conduct

at Counter-Presence events, Street Stalls,

and related Outdoor Activism

A Force For Good (AFFG) is a professional organisation which takes our social and legal responsibilities very seriously. We are proud to say that we have never had a problem (nor would we expect one) with any of the invited Activists who have stood on our Thin Red Line. We are taking this opportunity to make public our Code of Conduct, which was first published on 2 May 2018. It has been updated and published below on 6 June 2019.


To give heart to the Unionists in Scotland, and the rest of the United Kingdom, who want to see people standing up for what we believe in; and to remind the Scottish Nationalists that they do not "own the streets" of Scotland!


AFFG Marshals are identifiable wearing a red AFFG Tabard and red AFFG Cap. Some will be wearing Action Cameras.

Our Marshals endeavour to keep trouble-making opposition at a distance, and to work to ensure best behaviour in our ranks; particularly from random passers-by who are standing beside us, and who have not read this Code of Conduct.

Please follow the instructions of any of our Marshals.