12 Ways to Strengthen the Union

Alistair McConnachie, 9-2-19. Pic AFFG.

On Saturday 9 February 2019, AFFG Director, Alistair McConnachie spoke to "Tradsoc Glasgow". His Speech was entitled "12 Ways to Strengthen the Union and Stop Scottish Separation". Here we publish the Notes from which he delivered his main points.

The 12 Ways are broken down into 4 sections:

1. Devolved Matters to do Properly

2. Planning for a 2nd IndyRef – Things to Get Right

3. Political Policy to Strengthen the Union

4. The Personal – Each of Us Making a Unionist Difference

The Heading for each "Way" links to an article on this Website which examines that particular topic in more depth – effectively representing a book-length treatment of the subject.