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Each of Us: Making a Unionist Difference

The pro-UK Cairn at Gretna

(The 'Auld Acquaintance Cairn' at Gretna: Like Stones in a Cairn, every Individual has a Vital Place.)

This is the twelfth article in our series "12 Ways to Strengthen the Union and Stop Scottish Separation". Our final point is directed specifically towards each of us. Here are some ways we, as individuals, can strengthen the Union and keep Britain together.


We've spoken about the importance of Building up Britishness in Scotland. Here's some simple ways we can do that, as individuals...

1. Speak Up!

In conversation, just saying things like, "No, I don't want us to break up. I'm British. I like the UK. I believe in the UK. I'm for the UK. I want us to stay together", can be very powerful.

You don't need to go into it in any more depth than that if you don't want to, or don't fully understand all the complicated economic arguments. It's sufficient that you let them know that you believe in Britain, and remind them that there are other people who don't think like them!

It is a fact that most Scottish Nationalists live in a complete bubble, insulated from pro-UK people. They never get to hear such things, or see such people, in real life! (And no, we're not joking!)

2. Wear the Flag

This is about increasing the visibility of British Symbolism in Scotland in order to remind people that Scotland is British and British it Shall Remain! You don't have to walk down the street carrying a Union Jack on a pole. You can simply wear an overt, or subtle, Union Jack branded item around town – handbag, scarf, hat, badge, T-shirt, hoodie...whatever. A Union Jack Mobile Phone cover is a good one because you're always going to be bringing it out in public!

3. Buy British

The SNP and ScotNats don't want to buy anything with Union Jack branding at the supermarket. They are bitterly opposed to supporting producers outside of Scotland. For our part, buying British is the least we can do!

4. Keep Your Streets Clean

If there are SNP/ScotNat stickers on street furniture in your town or village or countryside then they need to come down! You need to remove them. Don't think "The council should do that." Here's some news for you. The "council" is not bothered, and it will never do anything! If that sticker is coming down, it's you that's taking it down!

The extent to which there are still ScotNat stickers up in some from before 2014 (!) is worrying testimony to the passive nature of far too many people.

5. Fly the Flag

In our office, we drape a large Union Jack on the inside of our front window on any of the national "Designated Days" for Union Jack flag waving. See the 'References' section here for a list of such days (although you can fly it on any day you want)! You can put a small one in your window sill, even if only on the Designated Days.

If you're responsible for a clubhouse, hotel, or civic or private building which has a flagpole, then why not get the Union Flag up there, at least on Designated Days! People love to see it flying! It brightens up our day.

We know someone who bought a Flag Pole and Union Jack off Amazon and flew it in their garden for the 2 months prior to the Referendum.

Another Great British way to fly the Flag is to join AFFG's Thin Red Line (see below).

6. Register and Vote!

Ensure you are registered to vote. If you are not registered to vote, you can find your local council Election Office at Your Vote Matters. Remember to vote at every election, including the important Local Elections!

At the Local Elections in Scotland, voting is numerically for your favoured candidates in order, ie 1, 2, 3 etc. The Wards are multi-member, 3 or 4 member Wards. Vote for the best placed 'pro-UK' candidates. You can vote for as many as you want, but you do not have to vote for every candidate. Therefore, do not vote for the SNP or for the separatist and republican Scottish Green Party, or any other fringe Republican parties.

Another powerful thing you can do is...


We at A Force For Good have been at the forefront of this effort since we were founded on 21 March 2012. There are various ways you can get involved with us and help promote our pro-UK message. The first basic thing everyone can do is...

a. Stay in Touch

"Sign Up" to receive our fortnightly Email Update here.

If you are on Facebook then please Like our Facebook page here

and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the Notifications Bell.

and check in on this Website regularly at aForceForGood.UK

b. Help Spread the Message on Social Media

This has never been easier to do! You can Share our Facebook posts; ReTweet our Twitter posts (and if you ReTweet our post with a positive comment then we can then ReTweet your post).

Also, use the blue Facebook "Invite Friends" button to increase our Facebook Outreach. If you click on it, you can scroll through your Friends who might be interested. A message will be sent to the people you choose saying "[Your Name] invited you to like A Force For Good". That really does work for us! It's a really easy way to help get the message out!

You can copy the URL of articles you like on this Website or our Legacy Site at or our YouTube videos, and share them on Facebook or Twitter.

c. Join our Thin Red Line – On The Street

We'll be flying the Flag at every SNP/ScotNat march this year, and so if this is something you'd like to do, then please tell us. You can Message us on Facebook or send an Email to our address below.

If you are on Facebook then one of our Directors would "Friend you" and communicate that way. Secondly, we would also note where you live. That means that if we are going to be in your approximate area, then we would contact you to give you advance notice.

We also have occasional Street Stalls, and other events; but you won't hear about them unless you've contacted us to tell us you're happy to help with things in your area.

Our best-selling T-shirt colour

d. Purchase our Merchandise

Our best selling "Scottish and British" T-shirt is available in a range of sizes and colours here.

Other products include:

For more products, please see our entire Teespring merchandise Storefront here where we also sell Union Jack mobile phone covers (Samsung and iPhone).


We understand, however, that many people don't want to be physically active for various personal or job-related reasons. If that is you, then the best way you can help is to help those of us...who are able to be active.

Our aim is to acquire 200 "Union Supporters" – the same number of Highlanders on the Thin Red Line at Balaclava, who held back the Russian Cavalry – each donating a minimum of £5 a month (£1.25). Some people give much more!

This would give us at least the basic £1K a month which we need to generate our content and action. We are some way off that target at the moment, but if you can chip-in then we would really appreciate it.

If you can help in this way, then you can do so via this easy method here.

You can also make a One-Off Donation here.

If you want to set up a Standing Order directly from your Bank Account, then contact us and we'll give you our Bank Details.

Or send a cheque payable to "AFFG Productions Ltd" to:

A Force For Good

Clyde Offices

48 West George Street

Glasgow, G2 1BP

Mention us to Others who have Money!

Perhaps you don't have any money to spare yourself, but you know people who do? Next time you hear them complaining about the SNP, suggest they donate to help A Force For Good. After all, there is little point complaining if you don't intend to actually do anything about it.

Leave a Legacy

You can fight on after you die, and provide absolutely crucial help, by leaving something in your Will to us. All you need to do is specify in your Will that you are leaving either a fixed sum of money, or a particular item, or a portion of your estate to "AFFG Productions Ltd at Clyde Offices, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP, Company number 533791". If you have already written your Will then you can contact your Lawyer to add this.

How we Spend the Money

We have no office rental costs and no debt! We run extremely frugally. Most of the money donated will be used to enable our colourful pro-Union activism – buying tools and delivering events. We are a registered Company and we are legally required to provide full end-of-year accounts.

Meet us for Coffee!

We are always happy to meet with interested people. So please do not hesitate to contact AFFG's Secretary and Director, Alistair McConnachie at

07860 800 446 or contact@aForceForGood.UK

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