Stop the Civil Service Being Used to Break Up Britain

AFFG Activists at our London Town Unionists launch. Pic AFFG 13-11-17.

Since the SNP took power in Scotland in 2007, the Civil Service in Scotland has been roped into doing its work. That's OK when it's just promoting the necessary day-to-day policies of the SNP administration.

But it is highly questionable, and controversial, when the Civil Service in Scotland, which is part of the wider British Civil Service, and which is paid for by people throughout the UK, is being used deliberately to promote separatism; when it is being used deliberately to find ways to break up the British State.

For example, the Civil Service was used to research the massive White Paper of November 2013 entitled Scotland's Future (which was also, quite prophetically, an anagram of "Fraudulent Costs") and which was available, for free, to anyone who wanted a copy prior to the 2014 Referendum.

To this day, the Civil Service in Scotland is still involved in promoting research into the deliberate destruction of the Union, on a regular basis (see the Telegraph article quoted in full below).

There is no way that we, as unionists, can compete with the entire money and power of the British State working against us!

Think about how absurd that is!

Here in Scotland, we have an arm of the British State – the Civil Service in Scotland – working effectively to promote the break up the British State, and promote the separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom.

That is crazy!

The fact that hundreds of civil servants in Scotland should be employed by the British Taxpayer to work out the best ways to break up Britain is a political farce that needs to end.

Now, some may say...

"But the Civil Service is often used to promote various policies that you or I may disagree with, so what's the difference here?"

Sure, depending upon your point of view, it may, arguably, promote policies which do not help the UK. But hitherto the coming of the SNP administration at Holyrood, it did not promote policies which are deliberately and openly intended to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom and break up Britain!

We are objecting to the Civil Service being used deliberately to destroy the UK itself. That is surely wrong. That is surely something in which the British Civil Service in Scotland should not be getting involved.

It is nothing less than taxpayer-funded separatism.


Furthermore, the Civil Service should not even be getting involved legally in such "constitutional" matters in Scotland since "The Constitution" is reserved to Westminster, as per the Scotland Act 1998 (Schedule 5) including specifically "the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England" (Para 1(b)).


It may just be that there has been no government at Westminster with the determination and stamina to stop it. There has been no government which has the guts to say: "That is not legal! It is not appropriate for our Civil Servants to be engaged in such seditious work! And we're not allowing it!"

Or perhaps it is a consequence of some sort of twisted interpretation of the "Devolution Settlement" where it might be argued that such actions of the Civil Service were not specifically written down as reserved, therefore, they can now be considered to be devolved.

We don't know for sure. But if so, then that's another reason why the Devolution Settlement has to be changed so that everything is considered reserved, except that which is written down as devolved.

What we do know is that unionists cannot go into a second independence referendum with the combined forces of the Civil Service, paid for by the British Taxpayer, mounted against us (nor should we be facing it on a regular basis today)!


a. It must be stated, as soon as possible, that the Civil Service will no longer be used to promote the separation of Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom, and that it will be considered seditious and illegal for it to do so.

b. If necessary a law must be instituted which declares that no arm of the Civil Service will be used to research or promote policy intended to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom and break up Britain.

c. If necessary, the UK Government in Scotland (the Scottish Office) must take full control again of those elements of the Civil Service which the SNP continues to abuse for its own ends.

Please consider bringing this matter to the attention of sympathetic MPs and MSPs.


The Daily Telegraph journalist Alan Cochrane summarised this matter in his article below.

(Article begins>

The Civil Servants Working to Break Up Britain

The Scottish Government is wrong to order them to work on policies aimed at Scotland's independence

Alan Cochrane, The Daily Telegraph, 26-10-18.

At the height of the EU disputes about who runs Britain, how incredible does it seem to the ordinary voter that teams of British civil servants are working to provide their political masters with the ways and means of dismembering Britain?