A Law to Stop the Civil Service Pushing SNP Indy Agenda

The UK Government Hub in Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth House, is nicely branded with both the Union Jack and Saltire.

Many pro-UK people don't fully understand the extent of the "hidden powers" which the SNP would be able to draw upon in the event of a second referendum. One of those powers is the (virtually unlimited) power of the British civil service which is based in Scotland, and which is legally obliged to do the separatists' bidding!

Of course we understand that the civil service has to help the administration at Holyrood go about its various day-to-day business, and help it promote and carry out its devolved policies. We understand that, and we do not object to that.

What we object to is the British civil service in Scotland being allowed to help the SNP promote matters which are outside its devolved remit – matters which are properly reserved; or create publications and propaganda for separation; or grandstand on reserved matters which are 'contrary to the UK Government's position' – and all of which, we're paying for!

We understand their role is to help the SNP run the country, not break up the country!

It has to stop! Unionist MSPs in Holyrood must start to highlight and campaign against this on-going travesty.

Imagine if this continues! Imagine if there were to be a second independence referendum. There is absolutely no way that we, as unionists, can compete with the entire money and power of the British civil service (and all of us British Taxpayers who fund it) actively working against ourselves.

It is an absurd situation, and it must not be allowed to go on.