Promoting the Heart of Unionism: What we Believe

Our Activists welcome the Queen at the Kelpies on 5 July 2017

A Force For Good has a clear, well-thought-through philosophy of British Union which represents the Position upon which we stand, and from which we judge the Philosophy, Policy, Projects and Activity which we promote.

We've distilled it into our 4-point Position Statement below.

These 4 fundamental Principles also describe the Territory, the Nature, the Purpose, and the Form of Government of our United Kingdom.

1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall be maintained.

This is our Territory.

2. The United Kingdom is, and shall remain, primarily a Unitary State and One Nation.

This is our Nature.

["A unitary state is a state governed as a single entity in which the central government is ultimately supreme." (Wikipedia)]

We are not primarily a "union of nations". We are primarily and predominantly a Nation of Unions. We are not merely a "family of nations". We are a Nation of Families.

That's important because if we conceive of the United Kingdom only as a "union of nations" then we are thinking of our relationship in an unstable way. We are opening the door to forms of destabilising devolution which do n