SNP Council Dump on Edinburgh's History

The picture shows A Force For Good defending Henry Dundas in Edinburgh on 20-6-20 against the attacks of the SNP/BLM rally. We called for a statue to commemorate the Royal Navy sailors who lost their lives to abolish slavery. You can read the 3 speeches which we gave that day from here.

The SNP council which runs Edinburgh, has an on-going agenda to pour vitriol over the achievements of the Scots who are commemorated in its street names and statues. This is because, as Prof Tom Gallagher has noted:

The SNP is nothing if not a self-referencing movement: it sees the story of Scotland's greatness beginning with its arrival on the historical stage. So it is necessary to delegitimise episodes and people from the wider consciousness, especially from the age of achievement that characterised much of the three centuries of parliamentary union.

As part of this befouling of its own heritage, the council is running a biased public "consultation" online.

They are calling it the Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review.

In a way, whoever came up with this has done us all a favour. They have listed everything they can find in Edinburgh which triggers them! In that sense at least, they've brought some interesting historic points to light.

A Force For Good has completed the consultation, and we encourage others to do so. The closing date is Wednesday 19th January 2022.

If you do, please be aware that the premise of the consultation is extremely biased in 3 ways.