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We Need a UK Population Policy

What is the UK Government's "Population Policy"? Is it just to lay out a Welcome Mat to the world? Is it just to allow the population to rise, regardless of consequences? We need to know, and then we need to act accordingly, because without a careful Population Policy the country is destabilised, says Alistair McConnachie!


The news from the Office of National Statistics on 30 January 2024 was that the population of the UK is projected to hit "70 million" in 2026 – which is 10 years earlier than expected.

In the 10 years after that, it is projected to hit 73.7 million. This will be equivalent to a rise of 6.6 million between 2021 and 2036 – which is over twice the population of Wales, or 5 Birminghams. A whopping 91.8% of this will be from immigration alone. These are the official figures and may end up being far more.

This tells us that the British Government appears to have neither control over the rise in the UK population, nor a policy on the matter at all.

It seems to just sit back and "lets things happen" as if it is some kind of disinterested observer.


It acts as if the rise in the population is some kind of natural phenomenon which nobody has encountered before and which is beyond the mind, or hand, of man to do anything about.


At least, that's what it seems like!


Of course, that is not true.


If a population of a country is rising, falling or staying static, then it is because the government of that country wants that to happen.


It means the government is making a deliberate effort to enable the population to rise, or to fall, or to stay static and it is implementing policies – or not implementing other policies – to that end.


It is a choice.


It is a political choice.


It is a deliberate political choice.


The fact that a never-ending rise in the population may seem to the casual observer to be "out of control" is not strictly correct.


It is controlled. It is controlled…to rise!

The government is deliberately choosing to create policies which enable the population to rise because that is what it wants; and/or it is choosing to maintain current policies which enable the population to rise because it is politically difficult to do otherwise, or because they don't want to do otherwise; and/or it is working to prevent other policies which would enable the population to remain static, or fall, because it wants the population to rise!


On top of this, the UK Government is not telling us why it is in the interests of the United Kingdom for its population to be constantly rising by such huge numbers.

It is not even justifying the numbers by presenting to us any kind of "Population Policy".

In this article, we'll consider what a "Population Policy" would look like.


In this regard, we sometimes hear the notion that "it will all level out" sometime in the distant future.


But this is a deliberate attempt to get us to accept what is happening. It is saying that we don't need to worry. We can just ignore it, and we don't need to do anything, because sometime "in the future" (when many of us will be dead anyway) it will all somehow "find a balance" and all will be well.


The fact is, nobody knows what it is going to be like in the future because the future depends upon the policies we enact today.

But first, who supports this incredible rise in numbers?


Who Supports the idea of a massively increasing Population?

This situation is favoured, on the one hand, by the extreme free-marketeers who want total free movement of people, because it means cheap labour. On the other hand, it is supported by the extreme internationalists (sometimes the same people) who do not believe in the idea of nations, borders and distinct peoples in the first place, because we are all "workers of the world", or we're all "the same", and it would be "racist" to think otherwise.


For such people, the Principle of the matter will always outweigh the consequences of the Practice.


For such people, even if chaos ensues from their impractical notions – even if none of us can find an affordable home – the principle must be maintained at all costs, and they'll always find something else to blame the chaos on, like..."Not enough houses being built".


How the idea of a massively increasing Population is Maintained

The ideology is informed, as we say, by an orthodoxy built around an extreme interpretation of "free market economics" on one hand, and on the other hand, by "anti-racist theory".

It is maintained by a governing class in politics and the mainstream media who work to limit political debate within this consensus, and who work to exclude – "to gatekeep out" – any dissenting voices to their consensus. 


What is Needed: A transparent Population Policy

It is not the job of the government to sit back and just let stuff happen. Or pretend they can do nothing.

Rather, we need our government to set out a Population Policy which has a clear Statement of Purpose and which is driven according to long-term social, economic, infrastructural and environmental goals.


It would explain Why they intend to increase or decrease the population, and How they intend to go about it.


It would explain "This is what we believe about the people of this country. This is what we want to see for them in the coming years. This is why we want to see it. This is the amount of people we believe the country can carry. These are the social and economic impacts we believe it would have on the country. We are making infrastructural plans which will serve this number, and here's how we are going to do it."


At the moment, we hear none of this.

We are just meant to accept a massively increasing population as if it is "just the way things are" while they disguise the fact that, in politics, nothing "is just the way it is". There's always a reason! It is always a result of policy.


To the extent that we have a "public debate", it is mired in the inconclusive place it has been since the 1970s. That is, it's mired around endless discussions on whether the concept of "immigration" is, theoretically, "good or bad for the country".

Yet, this is a topic that we can go round and round on for the next 1,000 years, because obviously there are going to be some good, and some bad, elements to the theory.

The political and media talking heads have been feeding us this endless debate – within the parameters they have chosen – for decades, while allowing immigration to continue regardless!

So we've had more than enough discussion about the theory!

It's time to address the practical.

It's time to ask whether we want the population to increase by over twice the population of Wales, or by 5 new Birminghams, in the next 12 years!


And surely, by now, we've all taken sides on that matter! According to most polls, the majority thinks that there is too much immigration!


For example, see this poll regarding England and Wales from January 2024. The blue indicates the parliamentary constituencies where people think it is too high and should be reduced. The red indicates where people think it is too low and should be increased.

We are not sure exactly the names of all these constituencies but they include being in, from south to north, Brighton, London, Oxford, Cardiff (not sure the ones between Oxford and Cardiff?), then Cambridge, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, (then to the left) Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and the two at the top are likely to be in Bradford and Leeds. It's interesting that it is largely in the areas of heaviest immigration where people are saying that we should have more immigration!

So political parties and governments need to come out clean with their "Population Policy" so we can properly understand what they want, how they are going to action it, and why we should agree or disagree.


At the Moment, we have the Worst of all Worlds 

Each government just allows the population to rise massively year on year, and we're not meant to understand why, much less do anything about it.


Yet, we have a General Election approaching in 2024.


Parties seeking government need to be clear why they think the rising population is good or bad, and what they are going to do about this.


What a Population Policy would Look Like

A clear Policy statement on Population would prioritise the social needs and aspirations of the official citizens of the country whose rights must always come first.

It would give us a number for the size of the population that we're meant to be aiming for.


It would take into account the carrying capacity of the land itself. That is, the resources of the land, and the physical ability of the people to provide food, water, and energy.

It would take into account the economic and physical ability of the country to provide the infrastructure, such as the homes, schools and hospitals.

It would address the expectation, and requirement, for immigrants to assimilate and would consider how best this would be enforced.


Such considerations would enable us to decide how many immigrants should be admitted in accord with this purpose and it would enable us to decide who should be admitted.


This would involve all of us in discussions about basic values.

It would challenge those who prefer to emote about "diversity" or virtue signal about "anti-racism" or prefer to baffle us with convoluted economic arguments, instead of doing real social, economic, demographic, and environmental research.


It would require the Open Borders Brigade to justify why the number of people entering Britain should be limited only by their ability to get here.


It would challenge the politicians and the media and their supporters, to explain themselves.

It would impel them to explain why there should be more people in the country than the country can carry.

It would challenge the big business interests to break free from their reliance on cheap labour.


It would challenge the underlying ideology of "anti-racism" which says that we can only respect and value other human beings if we tear down our own borders – which is like saying that we can only respect our neighbours if we keep our doors and windows open!

It would require them to justify why they support the demographic transformation of our society.


It would reflect a coherent vision of our desired demographic future and it would provide the rules intended to move towards this future.


Without a careful Population Policy, the country has no direction. There is no way of judging, and planning for, what the future holds. Society is destabilised, both physically and psychologically. Anxiety increases. It becomes difficult for people to even imagine what the future for themselves may hold.

Now, you may say, "Well, a Labour Party 'Population Policy' is going to look a little bit different from a Conservative Party 'Population Policy' which is likely to look completely different from the one I would propose."


And you'd be right!


But at least it would explain to us what our governing class is planning for us, and why, and it would allow us to engage with their proposals, and oppose them where necessary!


Do they even have such a plan?

Or have they become so enamoured with out-of-date theories about "economics" or "anti-racism" that their plan is just to keep the borders open, increase the numbers by millions every few years, and just see what happens?


With your help, it is our aim at A Force For Good to address these matters and help to develop such a Population Policy.


In the coming months and years, we will continue to set out comprehensive, coherent and concise philosophy and policies, arguments and rebuttals, and to document facts and statistics on this matter.


We will work to understand who and what we're up against, and to share successful strategies to secure our sovereign borders in accord with a long-term sustainable population vision. 




If you like what you have read, and you'd like to support the work we do, then please:


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