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Our Stand, our Aims, and How we Achieve them

Alistair McConnachie, one of our AFFG Directors

In this article, Alistair McConnachie, one of our Directors, addresses the three main questions which people ask A Force For Good. Picture taken at our 4th AGM on 18-1-20. We were established on 21 March 2012 and we incorporated as a Company on 27 April 2016.


We stand for the maintenance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and we do so in line with our 4-point Position Statement, from which we judge the Philosophy, Policy, Projects and Activity which we promote.

1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall be maintained.

2. The United Kingdom is, and shall remain, primarily a Unitary State and One Nation.

3. Ever Closer Union between all the people and parts of the United Kingdom – including but not limited to elements; social, cultural, educational, economic, legal, territorial and political – shall be pursued.

4. The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Parliamentary Democracy; and the House of Windsor shall continue to provide the Head of State.


1. Maintain the British Union. We aim to raise the percentage of people who support the UK from 55% to 65% for starters.

2. Keep Scotland British. We educate about our heritage, so we can appreciate the vast inheritance we enjoy today.

3. Turn Scotland Red, White and Blue. We increase the visibility of British symbolism in Scotland. We do this through our amazing street actions.

4. Promote the UK as a Force For Good in the World. We have benefited the world so much and we have a global vision, as well as a national vision, for the future!

5. Support British Independence from the EU. A Great British Brexit can Make Britain Great Again. We are a wonderful nation and together we can achieve amazing things.

6. Defeat the Scottish Nationalists; and oppose further devolution and federalism regardless of who advocates it, because these are dangerous Stepping Stones to Separation.

Activists at our Great British Brexit Celebration Meet-Up on Brexit night, 31-1-20 at 11pm in the heart of the Great British City of Glasgow.

Activists at our Great British Brexit Celebration Meet-Up on Brexit night, 31-1-20 at 11pm in George Square, in the heart of our Great British City of Glasgow - with the Robert Burns statue in the background.


We achieve our aims through communicating our Philosophy and Policy.

Without words there can be no action!

We communicate through our daily Online and Printed Advocacy, and through our regular Physical Action on the Streets.

It is an absolute priority to continue to grow the reach of our online communication Platforms.

We're online on Facebook, Twitter [Edit: As of 11-10-20 we are currently suspended because they claim astonishingly that we are "a fake account"; an Appeal is underway], Instagram, Parler and YouTube at "UKaForceForGood", and we have this Website aForceForGood.UK We publish daily on these platforms. (We also have a Legacy Website (March 2012- April 2018) at )

We have Street Stalls, where we distribute our printed material, and we have regular "Counter Presence" events, where we meet and greet the Scottish Nationalist SNP marchers whenever they are having their Separatist Shuffles around Scotland.

Our "Thin Red Line" of pro-UK activists stand up to them and remind them in a friendly way of the importance of being British. We also video the marchers and count them. We reveal the true numbers which are often up to 8, 10, even 22 times fewer than the absurd numbers they claim, and we encourage the mainstream media to take notice of their lies.

Here are our precise counts at all the SNP / Scottish Nationalist / "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) marches - and we accept a 3% margin of error either way. We have dedicated pages on this Website which detail each of these in more depth, including links to our video footage:

Glasgow 11-1-20: AUOB (and SNP) said 80K: Actual 10,156

Edinburgh 5-10-19: AUOB (and SNP) said 200-250K: Actual 11,286

Perth 7-9-19: AUOB said 20K: Actual 3,160

Aberdeen 17-8-19: AUOB said 12K: Actual 2,563

Campbeltown 27-7-19: AUOB said 2K: Actual 974

Ayr 6-7-19: AUOB said 13K: Actual 2,762

Oban 15-6-19: AUOB said 7K: Actual 1,757

Galashiels 1-6-19: AUOB said 5K: Actual 2,122

Glasgow 4-5-19: AUOB said 100K: Actual 8,796

Edinburgh 6-10-18: AUOB said 100K: Actual 12,789

Dundee 18-8-18: AUOB said 16K: Actual 3,538

Inverness 28-7-18: AUOB said 14K: Actual 3,386

As you can see, the Scottish Nationalists, and SNP MPs and MSPs, are inflating their figures by up to 22 times (at Edinburgh 5-10-19)! Thankfully, we are the go-to organisation for the truth.

So, we do sterling work, every day, every month, every year, in holding together our United Kingdom and promoting Britishness. There is nobody like us around. We're going from strength to strength with each passing year, and you can be part of our growth.

We rely upon our regular donors to keep fighting this good fight. Please join the wonderful few who provide the financial backbone of our organisation. Please become a regular monthly "Union Supporter" from as little as £1.15 a week (£5 a month). Thank You. As a Union Supporter you are entitled to receive our magazine Union Heart and an AFFG Union Heart badge, free on request. You will also receive an exclusive invite to our annual Union Social - "the unionist event of the year".


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