Our annual Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder!

This article is being published 1 week into our 4-week annual Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder.

It's moving along in the right direction, although at a quarter of the time passed, we need to be at a quarter of our target set. At the moment we are at one fifth. So, we need to speed up a little...

As many of you know, A Force For Good has been going since 2012 and since then – thanks to your support – we've established ourselves as Scotland's premier pro-UK Campaign Group and Think Tank!

The people who gave to our Yule Britannia Crowdfunder last year have ensured that – even though 2020 has been challenging for everyone – we stood up strong for the United Kingdom.

For example, we were there when those who want to break up the UK marched in Glasgow (pic above - and we counted them in at 10,156 and not the 80K they claimed); we held our Great British Brexit Celebration in George Square in Glasgow, which was reported world-wide; and we were outside Holyrood respecting the mandate of the British people to leave the EU as one UK.

During the summer, we stood by and spoke up for our Statues and our British heritage in Edinburgh and Glasgow when they were coming under verbal assault; we celebrated the bi-centenary of the Union Bridge linking Scotland and England; and we took on the nationalists again, outside the BBC Scotland studios, where we urged them to "Switch off Sturgeon".

We even managed to squeeze in a Street Stall during the short period when restrictions relaxed.

But not only that, we have produced 37 consecutive 1-hour Saturday weekly broadcasts on YouTube, produced 180 shorter videos, and published daily across all our social media channels; easily becoming the biggest pro-UK organisation on Instagram, Twitter and Parler!