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Our annual Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder!

This article is being published 1 week into our 4-week annual Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder.

It's moving along in the right direction, although at a quarter of the time passed, we need to be at a quarter of our target set. At the moment we are at one fifth. So, we need to speed up a little...

As many of you know, A Force For Good has been going since 2012 and since then – thanks to your support – we've established ourselves as Scotland's premier pro-UK Campaign Group and Think Tank!

The people who gave to our Yule Britannia Crowdfunder last year have ensured that – even though 2020 has been challenging for everyone – we stood up strong for the United Kingdom.

For example, we were there when those who want to break up the UK marched in Glasgow (pic above - and we counted them in at 10,156 and not the 80K they claimed); we held our Great British Brexit Celebration in George Square in Glasgow, which was reported world-wide; and we were outside Holyrood respecting the mandate of the British people to leave the EU as one UK.

During the summer, we stood by and spoke up for our Statues and our British heritage in Edinburgh and Glasgow when they were coming under verbal assault; we celebrated the bi-centenary of the Union Bridge linking Scotland and England; and we took on the nationalists again, outside the BBC Scotland studios, where we urged them to "Switch off Sturgeon".

We even managed to squeeze in a Street Stall during the short period when restrictions relaxed.

But not only that, we have produced 37 consecutive 1-hour Saturday weekly broadcasts on YouTube, produced 180 shorter videos, and published daily across all our social media channels; easily becoming the biggest pro-UK organisation on Instagram, Twitter and Parler!

But we all know that 2021 is the critical year!

The UK is going to come under extraordinary constitutional attack!

It is going to take all of us to push back against the assault on our Britishness...which is coming.

We have to be ready to Stand Up and Speak Up for the UK. For that we need funding which will ensure our wonderful team of activists can dedicate themselves to this task and that we are never prevented from doing what needs to be done because of lack of funds.

And for that, we utterly depend upon you.

A Force For Good is the only pro-UK organisation doing this sort of work. Indeed, our "Thin Red Line" is becoming an iconic element of modern Scottish political culture.

There is nobody else like us on the scene! Nobody else represents such incredible value for money.

Just like our wonderful United Kingdom, we are here to stay.

We've said it before, we cannot afford to sit around hoping that things are somehow "going to be alright on the night". Chances are, they might not be! We have to be prepared.

And we at A Force For Good can be relied upon. Everything we said we needed money for in 2020, we have now achieved!

We are a good investment!

We achieve our Aims by communicating our Philosophy and Policy through our Online Platforms, through our Printed Advocacy, and through our Physical Activism.

To achieve this in 2021, among many other things (which we can't publicise for strategic reasons), we must grow...

1. We must increase from 1K to 5K Followers on YouTube.

2. We must polish our YouTube professionalism by upgrading our Studio equipment.

3. We must double our Instagram following to 10K.

4. We must acquire all the physical requirements for our Thin Red Line counter-protests.


In 2021 we will need a basic 15 grand to meet our running costs. We have to raise £15,000 pounds! That's not much as far as organisations such as ours are concerned.

Most such organisations would require 100s of thousands of pounds to run annually! However, we at A Force For Good run extremely frugally...but goodness, do we deliver!

And think about what we're up against!

We are taking on a multi-million pound operation which wants to destroy the United Kingdom.

Scottish nationalists can access millions of pounds for their cause. We must rely on all the good people reading this Appeal. If not you, then who? After all, you are one of the few people in the world interested enough to read this.

Please join with us and put your shoulder to the wheel. Please help us to push back! Please help us defend the Union in 2021.

As we always say, look at it this way: if the UK was to break up, millions of people would lose money, some would lose their fortunes, and hundreds of billions would be lost world wide.

So donating to A Force For Good is a good investment into all our futures!

We are confident that there are enough people out there who believe in the United Kingdom, who are proud to be British, who want us to stay together, and who will give to this worthy cause, especially during this Season of Goodwill.

Please do what you can today.

Please help save the UK!

It will take 2 minutes of your time. No donation is too large or too small. Please give what you can. You don't need to give your name if you'd rather not. You can donate anonymously if you prefer.

If you'd like a reward, then click on the appropriate reward button listed down the right hand side instead. Check out the amazing wooden Flag designs which we have as Rewards, pictured at the bottom of the page. If you want one of these wooden Flag designs, be sure to click the appropriate button on the right.

Please note that your donation is entirely confidential. We are not a political party and so there is no legal requirement for us to report donations to the Electoral Commission.

It just remains for us to say Thank You so much for standing with us for our wonderful United Kingdom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yule Britannia...and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great British New Year!


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