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New Book for the Union "One Big Country"

One Big Country: A Big Book for the Union, Volume 1 is OUT NOW

We are so happy to announce the first in a series of books which celebrate, advocate, and educate on the Great British Union, otherwise known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This knowledge has been forged on the frontline, and honed in the heat of the action, to defend, maintain and promote our One Big Country.


It's written by Alistair McConnachie, the Founder of A Force For Good, Scotland's premier pro-UK Campaign Group and Think-Tank, established in March 2012. He is the author of A Wee Book for the Union (2020) which is available in our online shop here.


In this first volume of A Big Book for the Union we distil lessons learned on the Streets of Scotland. We explain why we love the United Kingdom; what devolution was meant to be about, why it went wrong, and how to sort it; why the SNP "mandates" simply don't add up; how pro-UK people can best articulate the cause of unity; why we oppose attempts to create a federal state; and what you can do to help.


There is nothing like this available anywhere else. It's a must-read for everyone who loves our One Big Country and who wants to stay together.

Please head over to Amazon to pick up your copy today.

It is also available as an Ebook via the same link.


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