The Free Speech Hall of Shame, and Fame

Here they are! We list, for perpetuity and ease of reference, the MSPs who sided with Humza Yousaf and his Anti-Free Speech law in Holyrood on Thursday 11 March 2021; and we also recall to memory those who stood up for the traditional Scottish right of Free Speech and voted against him.

Holyrood Composition

There are 129 MSPs, of whom 73 are Constituency MSPs elected by first-past-the-post, and there are 56 Regional MSPs elected by proportional representation (7 from each of the 8 Regions).

The make-up of the current Scottish Parliament on 11 March 2021 was as follows:

Scottish National Party (61 MSPs)

Conservative (30)

Labour (23)

Liberal Democrat (5)

Scottish Cabbage Party aka Green (5)

Reform UK (1)

Independent (3)