Do More Together, Not More Apart!

Pictured: The front page of our 40-page magazine "Do More Together: 102 Ways to Keep the UK United" shows AFFG celebrating the bicentenary of the Union Bridge on 26 July 2020.

Sir Keir Starmer has appointed Gordon Brown to head up a Labour Party commission on the constitution.

There appears to be nothing new here. Every so often former PM Gordon Brown will appear, and push his dangerous notions for more devolution upon Scotland.

Mr Brown's idea is to devolve everything to the SNP/Holyrood except defence and foreign affairs. This is essentially federalism but without an English Parliament. It is what Scottish Labour likes to call "Home Rule" or "Devo Max".

It seems Mr Brown stubbornly holds to the misconception that devolution did not work out for the Labour Party – indeed was catastrophic – because not enough devolution was done in the first place.

This goes against all the physical evidence since 1999.

The fact is, more devolution only helps the SNP build and maintain power.

And it doesn't even make it more likely that people will support the UK either!

"The Vow" made no Difference

For example, Mr Brown's policy of "promising" more powers to the SNP towards the end of the 2014 campaign – referred to as "The Vow" – made no difference to the overall result at the end of the day.