Advice to Rishi: School the Scot Nats!

Whenever you speak from the Dispatch Box to a Scottish nationalist MP, please use the opportunity to school them and the world in the correct constitutional relationship. Use our Union frame, not the Scot Nat frame, says Alistair McConnachie of pro-UK Scottish unionist campaign group and think tank A Force For Good (AFFG). (Pic from @RishiSunak Twitter account.)

On the first day of his premiership, Rishi Sunak contacted Nicola Sturgeon. He said, "I wanted to express my desire to work constructively with the Scottish government so we can work together to deliver for the people of Scotland and that is what I plan to do." [1]

A few days later, on 2 November, Mr Sunak told a Scottish nationalist MP, "what people across Scotland rightly want to see is both their governments working constructively together". [2]

This "both governments" rhetoric is a deliberate Scottish nationalist frame. It is intended to "big-up" the SNP and Holyrood. It's intended to put them both on an equivalent constitutional plane as the British Government and Parliament.

Pro-UK folk should avoid using it!


Alex Salmond changed the name of the Scottish Executive – officially, but not legally – to "Scottish Government" on Monday 3 September 2007. This was shortly after the SNP took power for the first time in the May 2007 Holyrood election.

He did this because he could.

Due to the upside-down "Devolution Settlement" nobody had thought to write down that he couldn't!

As he has since said, there was nothing "legally" to stop him, as per the video below. We first noticed this video on 5 October 2022, and we're presuming it is from a meeting around that date. Salmond concludes that this is "a small example of political will".