Britain's War Against the Slave Trade: A Speech by Alistair McConnachie

Britain's War Against the Slave Trade. Speech 20-6-20.

Here is our third Speech delivered by Alistair McConnachie at AFFG's "Dundas Will Stand" event, in St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh, at the foot of the monument to Henry Dundas, on Saturday 20 June 2020.

There were 40 supporters of AFFG present, and around 150 protestors on the other side of the Square who called themselves "BLM" and who were opposed to the presence of the statue of Henry Dundas.

We gave 3 separate Speeches. Our first was "The Dundas Declaration" and our second was "Who was Henry Dundas?" Speech begins...

I'm going to talk for a few minutes, Ladies and Gentlemen, about Britain's war against the slave trade.

Now I don't want to get too involved in talking about "the slave trade" since "slavery" is often just the excuse that some disaffected people are using right now to vent their general anger against society, or their own personal issues.

However, this is a fair summary of the matter from Royal Navy Versus the Slave Traders: Enforcing Abolition at Sea 1808-1898 by Bernard Edwards:

Royal Navy Versus The Slave Traders by Bernard Edwards

Here's the excerpt:

On 16 March 1807, the British Parliament passed The Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. In the following year the Royal Navy's African Squadron was formed. Its mission to stop and search ships at sea suspected of carrying slaves from Africa to the Americas and the Middle East. With typical thoroughness, the Royal Navy went further, and took the fight to the enemy, sailing boldly up uncharted rivers and creeks to attack the places where the slaves were assembled for shipment.