Who was Henry Dundas? A Speech by Alistair McConnachie

Who Was Henry Dundas graphic. Our 2nd Speech of the Day

Here is our second Speech delivered by Alistair McConnachie at AFFG's "Dundas Will Stand" event, in St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh, at the foot of the monument to Henry Dundas, on Saturday 20 June 2020, at 12.30pm.

There were 40 supporters of AFFG present, and around 150 protestors on the other side of the Square who called themselves "BLM" and who were opposed to the presence of the statue of Henry Dundas.

We gave 3 separate Speeches. Our first was "The Dundas Declaration" and our third was on "Britain's War Against the Slave Trade". Speech begins...

I'm going to talk about the man up there at the top of the 150 foot statue, which was paid for by Royal Navy personnel, officers and seamen. (1)

As well as being Lord Advocate of Scotland, he was also Home Secretary for the United Kingdom, Secretary for War, and also First Lord of the Admiralty.

In that latter capacity he built up the British Royal Navy so that it went on to defeat the French at the Battle of Trafalgar.

He was born in Dalkeith in 1742 and died in 1811, and he had a very wide political career.

And he had a lot of ideas.

He very much supported the Scottish Highlands and he advocated that only Gaelic-speaking Sheriffs should be appointed in the Highlands. (2)

He also wrote a paper suggesting that lands that Jacobites had forfeited should be returned to them. (3)

Such was his influence when he was in Parliament that he became known as "the uncrowned King of Scotland". (4)