The Dundas Declaration: A Speech by Alistair McConnachie

The Dundas Declaration. Pic shows Alistair McConnachie speaking on 20-6-20

The following Speech by Alistair McConnachie, Founder and Director of A Force For Good was presented at AFFG's "Dundas Will Stand" event, in St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh, at the foot of the monument to Henry Dundas, on Saturday 20 June 2020, at 12.30pm.

It is our response to the desecration, and advocated destruction, of our British Built Heritage.

We have a Message for the People of this country, our Politicians, and the Protestors, and we end with a positive suggestion moving forward.

There were 40 supporters of AFFG present, and around 150 protestors on the other side of the Square who called themselves "BLM" and who were opposed to the presence of the statue.

We also gave separate Speeches on "Who Was Henry Dundas?" and "Britain's War Against the Slave Trade".


My name is Alistair McConnachie, and I am a Founder and a Director of A Force For Good, which is Scotland's premier pro-UK organisation.


And you may ask, why are you involved in this here today? Why are you and your 40 friends here today? And I will tell you why we're here today. And I've put it together in something that will go down in history as "The Dundas Declaration".

We are here because we at A Force For Good see the United Kingdom as much in moral terms, as we do in political terms.

We develop the idea of the United Kingdom as A Force For Good in the world. And so we are always awake to attacks on the country, whether on history, attacks on institutions, or attacks on its people, or our forebears. And we stand by our forebears!