Stand By Our Ancestors!

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The purpose of a revolutionary is to exploit differences: Black v White, men v women, old v young, rich v poor, Black v Brown. In that regard, any old nonsense can be literally invented to justify "the struggle".

Entire departments at Universities have been established in the last 50 years to promote justifications for the political exploitation of these differences between people.

Zillions of words have been printed – which unfortunately do not need to reflect reality in order for some people to believe them and act upon them.

Incredibly, today in the United Kingdom, it is the "race" issue which has been brought out, and stoked up (with the shameless help of the mainstream media, and some politicians).

We say "incredibly" because the idea that the UK is "racist" or "systemically racist" is just so untrue.

It is obviously wrong.

It cannot be justified in any way.

It makes no sense.

It is so far from the truth as to be absurd!

The United Kingdom has a long record of integrating races – to the point where many would say that, if anything, it is the indigenous white population in many cities which has been the demographic which has suffered.

Indeed, some consider that many of the "equality laws" and "positive discrimination" laws have gone too far in the opposite direction!

Be that as it may, the idea that the UK today is "racist" is just not so!


There is an element of general foolishness, and no doubt some excitable youngsters are involved, who are just taking advantage of the summer weather to have a ruck.

For others, it is just a fashionable cause which offers no real application or effort to tag along.

However, the ideological underpinning of the movement is a revolutionary one which wants to destroy Britain, and its society.

As we have said before the first way to do that is to attack the moral legitimacy (the righteousness) of the society; to make it appear that it is sinful and doesn't deserve to survive.

This is what the incredible accusation of "racism" is all about!

How is this done?

One way to attack the moral legitimacy of a society is to attack its physical expressions of history and culture. You do this by claiming that they are tainted with some kind of sin.

At this time, physical expressions of British history and culture – such as statues – are being attacked; in order to justify their physical removal from the public space (by any means necessary); in order to remove them from our minds hearts and souls; so we may have no knowledge of them; in order to create some kind of new "society", yet unknown.

Here in Scotland, it is easy to see how this agenda could be directly hitched to the separatist movement in order to attack the moral legitimacy of the Union.


Our politicians need to grasp the nettle here and point out that this movement which is attacking Britain is wrong.

They need to point out that it is based on the lie that the United Kingdom and its people are racist.

Our politicians need to stand up for our nation's moral integrity!

They need to stand up for the inherent righteousness of our country! They need to emphasise the positive. They need to talk up all the good things about the United Kingdom.

They need to reject the false premises which are designed to put us on the back foot from the start. After all, if we accept the false premise that the UK is racist then we are already going along with their agenda.

We are already accepting that we are somehow in the wrong and we end up dancing to their tune!

The Police need to concentrate on enforcing law and order. Police need to do their job and be given the resources to do their job.

Police need to hold the centre ground for all of us.