Stand By Our Ancestors!

A wooden Union Jack Shield from Dramatic Scotland Creations at

Pic: A wooden Union Jack Shield available from Dramatic Scotland Creations at

The purpose of a revolutionary is to exploit differences: Black v White, men v women, old v young, rich v poor, Black v Brown. In that regard, any old nonsense can be literally invented to justify "the struggle".

Entire departments at Universities have been established in the last 50 years to promote justifications for the political exploitation of these differences between people.

Zillions of words have been printed – which unfortunately do not need to reflect reality in order for some people to believe them and act upon them.

Incredibly, today in the United Kingdom, it is the "race" issue which has been brought out, and stoked up (with the shameless help of the mainstream media, and some politicians).

We say "incredibly" because the idea that the UK is "racist" or "systemically racist" is just so untrue.

It is obviously wrong.

It cannot be justified in any way.

It makes no sense.