It's Time to Build our Commonwealth Bonds

Coldstream Guards hold the flags of the Commonwealth at the CHOGM 19-4-18.

The Coldstream Guards with the Flags of the Commonwealth at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, 19-4-18.

This article was published on 9 March 2020, which was Commonwealth Day. Commonwealth Day falls on the second Monday of every March and was originally called 'Empire Day'.

Empire Day was introduced in the UK in 1904 by the Anglo-Irish politician Reginald Brabazon, the 12th Earl of Meath, "to nurture a sense of collective identity and imperial responsibility among young empire citizens". In schools, morning lessons were devoted to "exercises calculated to remind (the children) of their mighty heritage". (1)

In this article we advocate some basic economic, cultural and social policies to help strengthen the bonds of the Commonwealth today.

Brabazon is commemorated with this statue at Lancaster Gate, London. Pic AFFG 18-6-17.</