Ideas on How to Celebrate the Monarchy in Scotland Today

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh. Pic AFFG.

It is the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th birthday (God Willing) on 10 June 2021. It is the Queen's 95th birthday on 21st April, and her "Official Birthday" on Saturday 12 June, two days after the Duke's. We wonder if anything is being done to celebrate these days? Of course, the Covid matter has put the kybosh in any long-term planning in many sectors. In an ideal world, though, we make the case that the Palace of Holyrood is a hugely under-utilised, Great British resource, which could hold public functions to celebrate the best of British. It would be Great to have a public event in the grounds of this Edinburgh palace to celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th and the Queen's 95th!

The Palace of Holyroodhouse sits at the bottom of the Royal Mile, right next to Holyrood parliament (and is not to be confused with it). It is the major Royal Palace in Edinburgh. It is a tourist destination and it does a fairly good job of educating and remembering the Monarchy of the past.

As for the Monarchy of the present – it has a very big garden area where, in July, the Queen holds her annual Garden Party – attended by several thousand invited people (we've read reports of up to 8,000 people). These are invited from all parts of Scottish society.

Lots of different people do get invited, although many of the same people – elected officials, all the Councillors throughout Scotland, MSPs – always get the same invite each year.

The Garden Party is also the only public Royal event which it holds each year.

It is the only means by which some people in Scotland might participate in celebrating the Monarchy in an official, publicly-organised way.

As a venue for Royal events – to which the general public can attend – it is heavily under-utilised.

Indeed, with the exception of the Queen's Garden Party it is not utilised at all for public Royal events – even though it is situated perfectly in the