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2,892 at Inverness ScotNat March, 25-1-20

There were 2,892 on the Inverness Separatist Shuffle 25 January 2020

A Force For Good was not at the Scottish Nationalist Separatist Shuffle in Inverness on 25 January 2020 (which was not an official 'AUOB' event, but was organised by a local group). However, we had colleagues who filmed and counted them - and oh, what a wonderful vantage point they had and what an easy count!

There were 2,892 in the march which lasted just under 25 minutes (and that includes the very few children). The ScotNats, of course, true to form, lied about their numbers with estimations being printed in the gullible Scottish press from 8,000 to 10,000 depending upon who you mistakenly listened to!

Thankfully, you can count them for yourselves here>

If you don't want to count the entire march, then count some 1 minute segments, find an average and then multiply by 25, to find a ball park figure.

We need your help to keep exposing the ScotNat lies because the mainstream media is not doing this proper investigative work and is only too ready to swallow whole the absurd lies of the nationalists!

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