'Tory Scum Out': Making the Personal Political

The Tory Scum Out people faced off A Force For Good at Holyrood 1-2-20. Pic AFFG

On Saturday 1st Feb 2020, the morning after our George Square event and as part of our "Great British Brexit Celebrations continued", 10 of our AFFG activists went along to Holyrood where around 2-300 Scottish nationalists were having a Brexit Cry and Moan Pity Party.

Our aim was to cheer them up! We wanted to remind them to count their blessings, to remind them that they live in one of the best countries in the world; and especially to tell them to stop being serial losers, and to join The Winning Team.

We didn't want them to be sad on such a happy occasion!

We asked them to Rejoice for Brexit.

And you know what? We certainly helped enliven their little Cry-In.

Half of them spent their entire time looking at us, making rude gestures and attempting to formulate coherent sentences, which they would then attempt to articulate at volume...unsuccessfully.

Furthermore, their "un-Sound System" took over an hour to get working. It appeared to be powered by a petrol generator – which was confusing, since batteries have been in operation now for several decades.