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Unionists Rally in George Square; Sturgeon Gets Telt!

Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie and a host of others were speaking today in George Square at a nationalist rally, making their usual demands for another unwanted, divisive referendum. This was the first time Sturgeon has spoken at an open 'independence' rally in Glasgow since 2014.

It is vitally important that we were there with an impressive crowd of fantastic pro-Union activists to show Sturgeon and all the media present that she does NOT speak for Scotland.

We really made our voices heard, and Nicola could not hide her anger at our presence. As a result, she really let her mask slip, as can be seen from this video of her annoyed performance!

Thanks to our presence, a UK audience can see that Scotland is deeply divided by the SNP's single-minded drive for separation.

Our unionist family in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will see there are so many Scots who are proud to stand up for Britain and fly the Union Flag for unity in our islands. More pictures from today are available in the gallery below.

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