6 Reasons why Westminster has a Right to Block a 2nd Separation Ref

Continuing our short articles de-bunking the oft-heard, and very tiresome SNP Themes. Here we address the notion that "Westminster has no right to block a 2nd IndyRef".

The Scottish Nationalist frame – their way of looking at things – is that Westminster is essentially a "Colonial/Imperial Master" which long ago captured poor little old Scotland and has been abusing it ever since.

For Scottish nationalists, the bottom line is that Westminster is illegitimate.

All complete rubbish, of course. But that is how they see things.

In that view of things the British Parliament has no moral authority to do anything...at all!

So it is important to establish the legitimacy of the British Government in Scotland from the get-go.

It is the British Parliament, and the Government it forms, which is the collective Parliament and Government which represents us all, wherever we are from in our Islands.

We elect people to represent us, not primarily on the basis of our Scottish, English, Welsh or Northern Irish identity (although some of us do that) but upon the basis of our different ideologies.

Everyone goes to Westminster and they trash it all out, publicly.