The Union and the Problem of the London Metropolitan Elite

One of AFFG's Banners at Campbeltown, 27-7-19

Here is something we've come to recognise and understand, after 7 and a half years of campaigning for the United Kingdom and its unity, in Scotland.

Unfortunately for us, there are far too many people – we call them the "London Metropolitan Elite" – who enjoy very influential roles in politics, journalism and think tanks, but who have absolutely no clue about:

a) What Britain is (clue: It is not a Greater Version of the English Home Counties)

b) How Britain holds together (clue: It is a Unitary State)

c) Scottish politics (clue: A central fact is that the ruling party, the SNP, aims to acquire all political power unto itself, in order to destroy Britain)

d) What must be done if you want to hold Britain together (clue: Listen to A Force For Good).

We see it as our job to help them understand what Britain is, and how it is held together.

Please note, we're not talking here about the nasty Metropolitan Elite sorts who hate Britain and who say nothing whatsoever which is helpful.

Rather, we're speaking here about those Metropolitan Elite sorts who would consider themselves to be "for Britain", and whose hearts may be in the right place, but who simply don't grasp how their ideas are in danger of destroying the unity of our Islands.