57 Benefits of the UK Union

3 Great British Flags, photographed in Edinburgh.

"What are the benefits of the Union", you ask? You want us to "Name 3 Positive Benefits of the UK"? How about we name at least 50! You want us to "Name 3 things which Scotland can do in the UK, but could not do if it were independent"? That's the same question, so no problemo. Here you go!

One of the things the Scottish Nationalists love to do is to ask unionists to "Name 3 Benefits of the Union".

Please note, this is never asked in a genuine spirit of enquiry. Indeed, many ScotNats are possessed by a destructive spirit.

Rather, they are working to a script.

They are trying to draw you into debate and then try to prove you wrong.

If you do mention 3 things, they will either try to dismantle them, or they will say that such things will "always exist" even if Scotland is independent, or they'll ask you to name another 3 things.

A variation of the "Name 3 Benefits" is "Name 3 things which Scotland can do in the UK, but could not do if it were independent."

Again, if you name 3 things, they will try to tell you that Scotland could still do them even if it were independent. Or if they can't answer, they will ask you for another 3, and so on.

It is just a way of trying to draw you into their little web. It is just a way that they try to control the debate; to try to get you to fluster and scramble for answers.

How to respond?

Generally, we don't respond!

We don't play that little game. We're not interested in debating whether the UK should be broken up or not!

We don't 'argue' the point. We state our position. Other people can figure out whether they agree or not.

In these matters, we prefer to turn it back on them.

Why don't you, "Name 3 benefits of separation! You name 3 'positive' reasons to break up the United Kingdom!"

Why don't you, "Name 3 things that can only be achieved in an independent Scotland, that cannot be achieved in the UK right now?"

See! Everyone can play these word games.

In any case, it is often pointless because we are operating from a different political point of view, anyway.

For example, an independent Scotland might be able to remove Trident; but that is something that many of us do not want to see happen!

An independent Scotland may indeed be able to have its own immigration policy – but allowing Holyrood to open Scotland's borders is definitely not something that many of us want either!

For us, those are not advantages of separation. Those are serious disadvantages.

Nevertheless, we thought it worthwhile to begin a list of stuff.

Here are considerably more than "3 Benefits of the Union".

Here are considerably more than "3 Things which Scotland can, and will, do in the UK, but could not do if it were independent".

Here are 57 points, so far. If you have any other points, please contact the page and we'll consider adding them.


1. We can pool and share British-wide resources. This means Scotland can help pay for the rest of the UK's needs, and the rest of the UK can help Scotland, when and where necessary to the tune of millions and billions.

2. We can redistribute wealth, via the British-wide tax system. This helps to safeguard welfare benefits, the state pension, and protect us from fluctuating oil revenues. For example, our state pensions are safer with 30 million British taxpayers paying into the kitty, rather than only 2.5 million in Scotland.

3. We can continue to receive higher public spending per head of the population, than in other parts of the UK. For example, in 2017/18 public spending per person in the UK as a whole was £9,350. This compares with £10,881 in Scotland (16% above the UK average. This means that our schools and hospitals are better protected within the UK.

4. We can remain part of the overall UK domestic market with no internal tariffs. Firms in Scotland sell twice as much to the rest of the UK as we do to the rest of the world combined.

5. We can have uninhibited access to the entire British labour market, to seek employment and to seek employees, and without the need for papers or passports.

6. Consequently, we can enjoy the benefits of association, and the economies of scale, which enable us to do more and to do it better, than if we were apart.

7. We can be guaranteed continued use of the Pound Sterling, rather than have to set up a separate and unproven currency, or even join the Euro!