AFFG Launches Pro-UK Magazine 'Union Heart'

Not only did we welcome the Scottish Nationalist marchers to Campbeltown on Saturday 27 July 2019 (where we counted 974 of them) but we also used the opportunity to make a major announcement in the field of British Unionism.

As Scotland's leading theorists and educators on British Unionist philosophy we've realised, for a long-time, that it's necessary to have a regular hard-copy magazine.

Something that lays out our Philosophy, our Principles, our Arguments, and our Rebuttals, on the printed page, for the purposes of distribution and education in the here and now, and also for the purposes of posterity.

There is no other organisation in Scotland, Britain or the world which can lay out the Unionist case in such a comprehensive, coherent, concise and clear way, as A Force For Good.

So, the time is now!

The time is now for the first-ever magazine, in Scotland, dedicated entirely to the British Union.