An Open Welcome to the Prime Minister

Boris Johnson on the Isle of Wight, 27-6-19, courtesy of

Pic: Boris Johnson on the Isle of Wight 27-6-19 courtesy of

The Prime Minister visited Scotland on Monday 29 July 2019, for the first time in his premiership. We sent him this letter by hard copy:

Dear Prime Minister

A Force For Good – Scotland's premier pro-UK unionist campaigning organisation – welcomes you to Scotland today on the occasion of your first visit as Prime Minister. This is an Open Welcome which we are publishing on our Facebook page.

We are a non-party organisation, and we have supporters and activists who are members of all parties and none.

We believe in the United Kingdom, we love being British, we want us to stay together, we respect our British Institutions and those who uphold them; and we wish you the very best in your role as Prime Minister of our wonderful country.

We have been campaigning for over 7 years now, and we would like to share some knowledge.

Firstly, please do not be bothered by the SNP and those who say that "an Englishman" or a "posh boy" or an "Old Etonian" cannot represent Scotland. The SNP would criticise you regardless of who you were, how you spoke or where you were educated. The fact that you are the British Prime Minister is enough for them to dislike you.