'Maintain the Union' March: A Turning Point

Maintain the Union March, George Square, 18-5-19

A Force For Good attended the "Maintain the Union" march in Glasgow on Saturday 18 May 2019. It was organised by "British Together", the political campaigning arm of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland.

We Live Streamed the event on our Facebook page and counted the march in at around 1,400 (1,383 to be exact).

Prior to the event, the main issue raised was:

"We don't Need to March. We show our Voice at the Ballot Box"

We understand the sentiment, but it is not necessarily correct.

The fact is, too many unionists do not vote; nor remember to vote; nor can be bothered to vote!

For example, the central belt of Scotland is replete with SNP councillors in areas which should be solidly pro-UK. However, far too many people who support the United Kingdom have not realised there were council elections on that day; or they had forgotten about them; or couldn't be bothered to vote in them!

That's a real weakness in grassroots unionism and loyalism, and it is essential that it changes.


1. A March helps us to Politically Organise, Mobilise and Energise