AFFG's Biggest-Ever Stand for the Union

Our AFFG Union Heart Standards were flying proudly. Pic AFFG 4-5-19

On behalf of the Directors and Team at A Force For Good, we would like to thank the 50 AFFG supporters who turned up to make a stand for the Union at the SNP/Scottish Nationalist march in Glasgow on Saturday 4 May 2019. We'd also like to thank around another 30 people who turned up to show support for the UK – in all 80 of us!

That's a good showing of unionists, considering that when AFFG first did this two years ago – at the AUOB march on 3 June 2017 in Glasgow – there were 12 of us!

So, we are growing, we're getting bigger and better and more effective – so much so that we need more Marshals to help organise our Thin Red Line! If anyone reading this is happy to step up, we can show you what's involved.

As usual, on the day, we also counted the marchers head-by-head in order to reveal their over-inflated nonsense about their numbers. They claimed "100,000". We counted 8,796.

Our Counting Protocol is detailed in the article we wrote about it: 8,796 on Glasgow AUOB March, 4-5-19.

Two of our fantastic activists get ready for the march to pass