It's time Scot Media Woke Up to AUOB's Lies

AFFG Inverness 28-7-18. Help us hold the Thin Red Line

It's time the Scottish mainstream media woke up to AUOB's lying political agenda – and we're going to help them!

Saturday 4th May 2019 will see the first of 8 marches this year by the SNP/ScotNat group "All Under One Banner" (AUOB). It's in Glasgow and the organisers have, as usual, been vastly inflating the numbers they expect – claiming 100,000 are likely to attend. That is, of course, complete nonsense on stilts!

Their stupid exaggerations have even caused themselves problems with the authorities, who are concerned at handling such apparently huge numbers on the day.

However, what is irritating to us unionists is the extent to which the Scottish mass media – by which we mean the daily newspapers and TV/radio stations – do not challenge their ridiculous figures, but allow them to stand without question.

By so doing, they are enabling AUOB's lying political agenda!

We first realised there was a problem back at their Glasgow march on 5 May 2018. A Force For Good was there with our Thin Red Line, advocating for the Union, as the march passed.

A photograph which appeared the next day in the Sunday Herald, which featured our group on the front page, so enraged the SNP and the Scottish Nationalists that a subsequent boycott of the newspaper, led by Alex Salmond, brought it down in September.

At that march, AUOB claimed – at various times – anything between 60-90K. This was in a march which took only one hour to pass, and in which the vast bulk of people passed in the first half hour. We had over-estimated 8-10K maximum, and likely far, far fewer.