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We will NOT let the SNP Block Brexit

The SNP are up to their usual tricks, trying to frustrate Britain's exit from the EU and use the division at parliament to push for another independence referendum.

The last thing Scotland needs is another referendum. In 2014 the Scottish people gave a cast iron mandate to Maintain the Union. And in 2016, the British people gave a cast iron mandate to Leave the EU.

The SNP have no respect for democracy, so they refuse to accept either result. That's why we at A Force For Good are working hard as Scotland's leading pro-UK campaign group to promote a Great British Brexit and leave the EU as One United Kingdom.

We've gathered thousands of signatures through our petitions, lobbied MPs, stood up for the Silent Majority against the Nats at their marches, and led a leading online campaign to promote the UK and a clean Brexit.

If you share our principles and value what we do then please consider supporting our work so we can continue to take on the SNP and their divisive agenda.

1. Maintain the Union

Promote the benefits of the Union which binds our United Kingdom together and dismantle the false arguments of the nationalists.

2. Defeat the SNP

Expose the SNP’s failures in government at Holyrood and their failure to serve the people of Scotland.

3. Increase Britishness in Scotland

Promote British symbols, institutions, history and identity for the silent majority who are proud to be Scottish and British.

4. Achieve a Great British Brexit

Respect the mandate of the British people to leave the EU and do so as One United Kingdom.

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