Protect the UK with Constitutional Safeguards

We need constitutional safeguards to protect Scotland's place in the UK

The central motivating belief which is driving Scottish Nationalists at present is the belief that 2014 set a precedent that Scotland can become independent, and the United Kingdom can be destroyed, merely as the result of a one-off referendum, won by a simple numerical majority, on the day.

The ScotNats obsess about this, because we've set the bar so low! They obsess about it because it is so easy to jump. They only need 5% more!

We say: Never Again must 50% of the Vote on the Day, plus 1, be the Deciding Factor!

Our group, A Force For Good, believes that the idea that Britain can be broken up by 50% of the vote on the day, plus 1 person, is absurd and unacceptable.

It is absurd because it is far too easy a route. The bar is set too low. We have to put it out their reach, and then watch their enthusiasm decline.

And it is unacceptable because such a close result would leave Scotland bitterly divided.

We see the UK as a Unitary State and One Nation which cannot and should not be defeated by a simple one-off political device, such as a referendum.

We want to encourage our politicians to see the UK as a genuine Nation in and of itself, which has been politically united for centuries, and which has been uniting socially and culturally for millennia.

Our Nation must not be allowed to be broken up by such a result.