Get the Ballot Paper, and Question and Answer Right

The Ballot Paper on 18 Sept 2014 made no mention of the United Kingdom

At a referendum, how the Ballot Paper is worded, and how the Question and Answer are worded, is undoubtedly worth several percentage points. It is no small matter. Getting this right for us is absolutely crucial.

Here are 3 points regarding the wording of the Ballot Paper on 18 September 2014 (above) that you may not have considered until now.

Ballot Paper First Point – The United Kingdom was entirely Ignored

The words on the Ballot Paper, and the Question, ignored entirely the central Nation State at issue – the United Kingdom. It was as if the UK wasn't really involved. There was no mention of it.

The Question in 2014 was "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

There was no mention of the pre-eminent, fundamental Nation-State which was to be broken up. There was no recognition of the United Kingdom. It was pushed out the picture! It was all about Scotland. Should "Scotland" be "independent" or not?