Rule Out a 2nd IndyRef

We must rule out any further separation referendums and challenge the idea of them in the first place

For our part, we should not talk as if a second referendum is inevitable.

We should plan for one – and A Force For Good is dedicated to doing just that – but our best hope lies in the British Government and Parliament holding strong to its Mandate to speak for all the people of Britain; to keep the United Kingdom together; and to not allow anything which could destroy the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister only has to say, "No referendum while I am Prime Minister", to settle the matter for the lifetime of this British Parliament, to 2022.

She need only say, "Not on my Watch".

(Since no Parliament can bind its successor, then "for the lifetime of this Parliament" is really as long as it can reasonably state such a thing.)

That will introduce stability into the Scottish economy, reassert the proper British Constitutional relationship among its parts – where such massive constitutional matters should remain the remit of the British Parliament alone – and allow us all to get on with our lives.

At the 2022 General Election, the political parties can then seek a Mandate to keep the UK together and to forbid another separation referendum. They would do this by writing that commitment into their Manifestos.

We advised them to do this prior to the 2017 General Election, and all 3 main parties did so!

Furthermore, the Prime Minister, the Government, and the British Parliament can be assured that they have