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No Sturgeon, You CANNOT Call a Second Referendum!

Sturgeon continues to obsess about a second referendum - it's always top of the SNP agenda.

As far as Sturgeon is concerned, everything else comes a distant second. No wonder that the SNP have such a poor record on health, education, public services and all their other responsibilities at Holyrood.

We at A Force For Good are working hard to oppose Sturgeon's divisive drive for another unwanted referendum. Our research, article writing, leafleting, street stalls and our trademark counter-demos at Nationalist marches put us at the forefront of the fight to Maintain the Union.

Help us continue to take on the SNP as Scotland's leading pro-UK campaign group by signing up as a Union Supporter. We rely on our ordinary supporters like you, the Silent Unionist Majority, to Keep Scotland British.

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