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Stay out of Brexit, Sturgeon! It's Going to be Great for Britain

Sturgeon continues to show that she is incapable of accepting a democratic mandate. Not only has she always refused to accept the vote to Maintain the Union in 2014, she now refuses to accept the overwhelming mandate given by 17.4 million people to Leave the EU.

Her latest stunt is calling for another UK-wide Brexit referendum to try to overturn the result of the first one, on top of another 'independence' referendum for Scotland. This is outrageous and an insult to our democracy. She seems to think her position as First Minister of Holyrood gives her a right to poke her nose into Brexit, but it does not. Sturgeon is a devolved politician, but Brexit is a UK-wide issue. When we voted to Leave in June 2016 we did so in a UK-wide referendum. And the British people made their voice clear: we must Leave the EU!

We at A Force For Good are unique in taking a strong stance for our UK Union and for getting out the EU. Why? Because unlike Sturgeon we believe in democracy, and we are proud to be British!

To help us continue to grow and take on the Nats as a leading pro-UK, pro-Brexit campaign group, sign up as one of our Union Supporters!


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