Pro-Union Crowdfunding: AFFG Smashes Goal!

We raise £2,015 from our first-ever Crowdfunder

It is with great pleasure that we are able to report the success of our first-ever Crowdfunder – our 28-day 'Maintain the Union 2019' – appeal, which closed Thursday evening (17-1-19) at a Grand Total of £2,015...or 168% of our original £1,200 goal!

This is an undoubted success for us, and a slap in the face to all the ScotNats who were willing for us to fail!

Over the course of 28 days we received 80 separate donations from 76 Supporters, and we want to say a Big British Thank You to every one of them. These people really came through for us and we are so grateful to you for doing so. Thank You!

We'd also like to thank our colleagues and supporters who helped to publicise it on the internet, and who promoted it on their Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.

Here are some Statistics which we've compiled from the publicly-available material which is available for anyone to view at our Crowdfunder page (which is now closed to donations).


The smallest donation, and still very gratefully received, was £4, and the largest was £400. To the anonymous person who gave £400, we say a massive Thank You! That person's donation helped to boost our total and take us past our goal, which in turn would inspire others to give, to the point that we raised £815 more than we bargained for!


At £2,015 and 76 donors, the average-per-person was £26.50. If we remove the generous £400 donation which was an outlier, it works out at (1,615/75) = £21.50. As it happens, we were told by Crowdfunder that the average donation was likely to be around £20.