Stop Calling the SNP Administration "a Government"

There is only one Government in Britain and it is in the British Parliament. Pic AFFG's a devolved administration of the British State.

Words can be appended to objects in order to make people think about the object differently or wrongly.

It moves understanding of the object in a different direction and therefore towards a new reality.

In this case, the word "Government" applied to something which does not have the powers of an independent Government encourages people to think that the thing actually has the powers of an independent Government.

Scottish Nationalists understand this very well.

They know they can shift the perception of reality, and then the actual physical reality itself, through the manipulation of words.

For example, when they were elected to Holyrood in 2007, Alex Salmond and the SNP started calling the Scottish Executive, the "Scottish Government".

Yet it was not a "Government" because it did not have the independent powers of a Government.

But the SNP wanted it to have the powers of an independent Government and so they started to call it that in order to move understanding, and then physical reality, in that direction.

How devolution is meant to work. Graphic AFFG

There is only One British Government

In reality, there is only one Government in Britain, and that is the British Government of the whole of the United Kingdom.

The administration at Holyrood was, and remains, a devolved arm of the British Parliament and Government – what we call the British State.

It has limited law-making powers and so the term "Executive" is appropriate because it stops short of the independent powers suggested by the word "Government".

Holyrood is a devolved branch of the one British Parliament and Government, in a vertical not horizontal, hierarchical not level, relationship.

We illustrate the relationship in our graphic, above.

It was not, and is not, in any sense an equal "Government" with the one central collective British Government.

However, by giving it the name "Government" it suggests that it is directly equal with the British Government. This is to misrepresent and consequently destabilise the constitutional, and union, relationship.

How the SNP got Away with its Deception

The SNP did this because they could!

They reckoned correctly that the British Government at the time (Labour) was not going to stop them.

They reckoned correctly that the British Government had nobody who could see what was being done and try to stop them. They knew that even if someone blew the whistle, nobody was going to listen.

They knew they could get away with it.

So they changed the Logo, and they changed all the stationary.

The Scottish Royal Cost of Arms in the Executive logo

They dropped the British branding – including the attractive Scottish Royal Coat of Arms Logo (above) from all Scottish Executive materials, and replaced it with...a Saltire and the phrase "The Scottish Government"!

The SNP "government" logo which replaced the Royal Cost of Arms

When the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition came along in 2011, they did nothing to reverse this blatant misrepresentation, and indeed assisted the constitutional confusion.

They passed the "recommendations" of the federalist-leaning Calman Commission into law, via the Scotland Act 2012, in which the unofficial changes made by Alex Salmond were given official legal sanction.

The federalists on the Calman Commission were happy because this helped to move the (mis)understanding of Britain towards the notion of it being a "federal" state with different "Governments", and away from the actual constitutional reality of it as a Unitary State with one Government.

The Scotland Act 2012 states:

Part 2, Sec 12, Paras 1 and 2

The Scottish Government

(1) The Scottish Executive is renamed the Scottish Government.

(2) Accordingly, in the 1998 Act—

(a) for "Scottish Executive" in each place substitute "Scottish Government";