Our 'Union Social' Success

Alistair McConnachie at the AFFG Union Social. Pic AFFG

A Force For Good held a successful "Union Social" in Glasgow on Saturday 17 November 2018. It was attended by 35 pro-UK supporters. The 5 hour event included a couple of hours of our AFFG Team speaking on our Achievements in 2018 and our Big Plans for 2019.

Our Founder and one of AFFG's Directors, Alistair McConnachie began by emphasising the huge progress which we've made this year in terms of Visibility. Our group got seen a lot this year!

That has also been due to the huge progress in our Branding – which is very colourful and helped by the fact that we're keen to use the striking colours of Red, White and Blue (no pastel shades need apply).

Achievements this Year

Alistair listed many of our Achievements in 2018, which included 9 outdoor events, including recent activism on the streets of Edinburgh in the week previously which saw our 'Scaredy Cat Sturgeon' banner mentioned, and Alistair quoted, in The Times newspaper (15-11-18).

In addition, we attended 7 SNP/ScotNat marches where our activists maintained a colourful and strong ''Counter Presence" for the Union.

Several points arose from these events...

The photograph of AFFG and our Union Jacks - which the separatist-supporting Sunday Herald used on 6 May - sent the SNP and ScotNats into meltdown! Alex Salmond led the boycott of the newspaper which was to bring it down 4 months later. While we don't like to see any newspaper go out of