Scaredy Cat Sturgeon and Free Speech

Scaredy Cat Sturgeon Pic AFFG 14-11-18

On Wednesday 14 November 2018, six of our activists were outside the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. We were there from 12.30-3pm to protest the non-appearance of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Over the course of the event, our Founder, Alistair McConnachie, delivered a 30-minute speech, 3 times, based on the following notes. The next day The Times ran a report which included a mention of our banner and a quote from Alistair.


Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Alistair McConnachie, Founder and Director of pro-UK Street Campaigning and Advocacy organisation, A Force For Good.

And we are here today to express our disappointment that our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has not turned up to this event.

She was scheduled to speak but pulled out because she didn't like the fact that a former adviser of President Trump, Steve Bannon, was speaking.

We are here to express our disappointment in her behaviour; to lament the fact that she does not have the courage of her convictions, nor it appears, the intellectual capability to engage with the issues which are being brought to the table, simply because she disagrees with the person who says them.

And we are protesting the fact that at the end of the day, Nicola Sturgeon's only response has been to run away and hide.

That's why we're calling her a 'Scaredy Cat'!