Our Social Union depends on our Political Union

James VI's Coat of Arms. Pic: AFFG 6-10-18

When 31 of our AFFG activists met the SNP/Scottish Nationalist march on the Royal Mile on 6 October 2018 , one of our Directors, Alistair McConnachie, used the historic surroundings to speak about our shared British Inheritance and to make the vital point that our Political Union creates our Social Union. The following is developed from his notes.

The Lion and the Unicorn

We're standing here today in a very historic part of Edinburgh. If we look around, we see the extent to which our wider British history is represented.

For example, the 'Mercat Cross', in this 'Parliament Square' has been a public speaking platform...through the ages.

On the Mercat Cross, we see the central plaque. It's James VI's Coat of Arms. James VI was the Scottish King who united the Realms of England and Scotland and became King of Great Britain in 1603.

He created this Coat of Arms to represent the joining of Scotland and England within his Regal Union.

The English Lion represents strength and the Scottish Unicorn represents wisdom and imagination. Together these two powerful figures represent Scotland and England in harmonious Unity.

And it is the ideal of that harmonious Unity which we stand for and which we don't want to see broken.

There's also the English Coat of Arms - the 'Three Lions' - on the wall of the Mercat Cross, as well as an Irish Coat of Arms. It's a thoroughly British monument, reminding us not only of Sc