AFFG Reveals Number at Edinburgh March: 12,789

AFFG Activists Edinburgh 6-10-18

The "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) organisers have been putting out crazy figures for their Scottish Nationalist marches all year, assisted by a complacent media and in some cases by (what appears to be) careless Police estimates.

AUOB claimed – at various times – anything between 60-90K in Glasgow on 5 May, which took an hour to pass.

They claimed 10K at Dumfries on 2 June, in a 25 minute march!

They claimed 14K at Inverness on 28 July. Real figure 3,386 (we filmed and counted them).

They claimed 16K at Dundee on 18 August. Real figure 3,538 (we filmed and counted them).

And yesterday they are claiming in excess of 100K at their march in Edinburgh on 6 October (with some even bigger figures being put around).

All exaggerated nonsense.