SNP/Scottish Cabbage Proposal to Give Everybody the Vote

Scotland Voted No

Missed by several news outlets today is the "Electoral Franchise Bill" which appears in the SNP's new "Legislative Programme" for the coming session of Holyrood.

This is a hugely relevant and highly revolutionary Bill, which would up-end Parliamentary Democracy, as presently understood in the Western World.

In the UK – and to our knowledge – in every country in the world, voting at national elections and referendums is based around the concept of "national citizenship".

Voting anywhere in the UK is based around "British Citizenship". If you are a British citizen, you can vote at every election and referendum in the UK.

Being able to vote is a privilege of having national citizenship. It helps to make national citizenship a worthwhile thing to have, or to aim to acquire.

If you are a newcomer, then becoming a citizen gives you the legal privilege of voting in its elections. It is one of the legal benefits of committing yourself to the country.

Controversially (and unknown to most people), citizens of European Union countries are also allowed to vote (for now) at every election in the UK (other than the British General Election, and UK-wide referendums overseen by Westminster). There are also various allowances, for historical reasons, for citizens of the Irish Republic and Commonwealth countries.

As we say, voting is based on the legal concept of "being a citizen", primarily of the UK.

However, there is a world-wide ex