An Open Letter to the Royal Mail: It's Time to Respect the Unionist Position (for a change)

For 65 Years, the Royal Mail has dismissed, disrespected, diminished, and damaged the Unionist View that Queen Elizabeth is the Second in Scotland too. Now that has to change!

The EIIR cipher on a Scottish-made Post Box in London. AFFG 5-6-18

Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne (6 February 1952) and was crowned (2 June 1953).

On the day of her accession, The Accession Council issued their Royal Proclamation that she was "Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of all Her other Realms and Territories".

Following this period – and at present we do not have exact dates, but we'd like to find them – a tiny band of Scottish Nationalists/Republicans attacked a handful of post boxes in Scotland which had the "EIIR" cipher on them.

Their excuse was that they objected to the styling of Elizabeth as "the Second", because Scotland had not previously had a Queen Elizabeth "the First". The first Elizabeth was only the Queen of England (1533-1603).

According to the rather sparse info on the Wikipedia site: "One particular pillar box in Edinburgh's Inch district was repeatedly vandalised with tar, paint and a hammer before being blown to pieces less than three months after its unveiling." (1)

Instead of continuing as normal, and encouraging the Police to find and arrest the tiny band of trouble makers, the Royal Mail disgracefully submitted to their demands.

Since 1953, new Post Boxes in Scotland have carried only the Scottish Crown – without the EIIR cypher.