Defending Dundas Against the Hateful Mob

Dundas Monument, St Andrew's Sq, Edinburgh. AFFG 25-8-18

This is an updated version of the article which appeared originally on this site on 28 August 2018.

It is basic revolutionary ideology that if you want to destroy a country then you constantly attack its moral legitimacy – the idea that it is a good thing in itself.

You do that by trying to forget its history and notable figures, and where you cannot forget them, you attack them openly.

You portray the history and persons of the past as "bad", as something "shameful" to feel "guilty" about.

If you break the affection which people have with the past, and their forefathers, then their minds become yours to mould to your advantage.

Those who want to destroy the United Kingdom, therefore, constantly attack British history and people.

It's a necessary part of a political agenda to set up a new Year Zero Country where everything is going to be "Perfect" because Human Frailty will be No More.

We spoke about this in London in 2018.