ScotNats Obsess about Indy because we've Set the Bar so Low

Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Pic AFFG 23-4-17

Here is the central motivating belief which is driving Scottish politics at present.

It is the belief that 2014 set a precedent that Scotland can become independent, and the United Kingdom can be destroyed, as the result of a one-off referendum won by a simple numerical majority.

The reason that Nationalists have now become obsessed with having another referendum is because they believe a one-off referendum won by a simple numerical majority is all that is required for their ambition of an independent Scotland to be fulfilled.

This is such an easy, straight-forward way to achieve their wildest dreams that it consumes them with its appeal – and we all suffer as a consequence.

Think about this!

The bar to the destruction of the centuries-young United Kingdom has been set extremely low!

One referendum?

Is that all it need take?

One referendum, regardless of turnout, and regardless of the majority – which could be anything from 1 person to a few hundred, can break up the United Kingdom? (By the way, we don't hold to the idea that there would be any sort of "United Kingdom" left if Scotland broke away. The Scotland/England Union is the keystone of the United Kingdom.)<