The Absurd SNP Ministerial Masquerade

SNP person masquerades as something he is not meant to be

This picture of someone we've never heard of appeared in our Twitter feed last night.

Apparently he's a "Minister" for these areas – all of which are reserved to Westminster.

It got us thinking. The Scottish Executive's (misnamed "Government") habit of appointing people as "Ministers" for matters which are reserved, should always have been against the law.

This sort of make-believe – by the SNP in particular – should have been foreseen and explicitly prevented in the Scotland Acts (of which we now have 3, none of which make mention of this farce).

Indeed, the people who created the Scotland Acts were far too naive to realise that they were dealing with people who would constantly push their chances.

They didn't realise that the Nationalists would push into areas which they have no right to be in.

They would do so in full knowledge that it is not specifically against any law that has been written down (even though it is against the spirit of the law).

This is what happens if you do not expressly forbid something in law.

If there is no law "against it" then people will do it. Of course, in many aspects of life, that doesn't matter.