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Our Annual Report: Our Value for Money

Financial Summary 2016/17

We've published our Annual Report as a "FlipBook" which can be read here.

Of special interest to many will be pages 13 and 14 which detail our Financial Accounts, and that during the tax year 2016/17 we spent over one third of our (very modest) income on activism, and at going to print, half of our income in 2017/18 on activism.

This makes us astonishing value for money!

Not one of our Directors is a "man of means", yet not one of us takes a salary!

Nor do we have rental costs.

We deliver our bold and colourful activism, and our daily unionist philosophy, on a very small budget.

However, we do have costs, and if you like what we do, then we need you to chip in.

For example, this "Flip Book" software costs us £2 a month. Anyone wanting to donate that per month can do so please via: aForceForGood.UK/donate

Please know that no donation is too large or too small. We have several people who give £2 a month and we are thankful for this assistance!

Counter-Presence Activism: We have travel costs related to our upcoming Counter-Presence events in Inverness, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Each one will cost us at least £250, but will generate imagery and advertising for the unionist cause far in excess of such expenses. Can anybody help with a donation? We'll tell you which event we're using your donation for.

Facebook: Absolutely crucial to our Brand Awareness, and Philosophical Outreach is the advertising of our daily Facebook page. Each day it drives our name and ideas forward on Social Media. We need £25 a week for that. Anyone who can make a one-off payment, or a regular payment, will be told which week, or weeks we will use their money, and will be kept informed of the progress of the advert (if they want).

Fundraising: We want to get this Annual Report out to 250 business people, asking for donations. That's going to cost £315 in stamps. Can you help us do that?

Assistance: We have 3 people on £10 a week – who help us with IT, Facebook and Political Outreach. That's £520 x 3 a year. Can you help us cover the cost of their help? Please do so via aForceForGood.UK/donate

Legal Costs: Our Accountancy and Company Compliance Costs are around £800 a year. These always have to be paid. Can you help us meet these basic necessities?

General Campaign Expenses: None of the above includes the money we need for Graphic Design, Flags, Poles, Banners, Posters, PA equipment, Leaflets, Booklets, Badges, other Travel expenses, Accommodation, Venue Hire, Videography and Camera expenses, Stationary expenses, Web expenses, Computer and Electronic Device expenses, Mobile Phone expenses, specific Projects, other Advertising, and so on.

Thank you for any help which you can spare! Please also know that we are always happy to speak and meet with people who can offer specific help.

At the moment we are at that stage where we know we can do so much more but are being held back because of extremely limited finances. (Please note, this Appeal is not directed at those who are already giving, and who are keeping us going.)

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