Our Annual Report: Our Value for Money

Financial Summary 2016/17

We've published our Annual Report as a "FlipBook" which can be read here.

Of special interest to many will be pages 13 and 14 which detail our Financial Accounts, and that during the tax year 2016/17 we spent over one third of our (very modest) income on activism, and at going to print, half of our income in 2017/18 on activism.

This makes us astonishing value for money!

Not one of our Directors is a "man of means", yet not one of us takes a salary!

Nor do we have rental costs.

We deliver our bold and colourful activism, and our daily unionist philosophy, on a very small budget.

However, we do have costs, and if you like what we do, then we need you to chip in.

For example, this "Flip Book" software costs us £2 a month. Anyone wanting to donate that per month can do so please via: aForceForGood.UK/donate