Insane SNP Plan for 1 Million More Immigrants

Where are we going to build the new homes for 400,000 families

The Sunday Times Scotland reported yesterday (27-5-18) that Andrew Wilson, the author of the SNP's "Growth Commission" report, believes Scotland needs to import 400,000 more people if his plan is to work!

That figure represents wage earners. It doesn't include family members and children, which could take the figure to 1 million at least. That's in a country of only 5.3m (with most of us packed into the central belt).

How to respond to such an astonishing proposition?

We shouldn't have to really, because it's patently mad, both infrastructurally and socially. Those numbers wouldn't "grow" Scotland. An influx of those numbers would destroy Scotland!

But this is 2018, where the ruling party publishes a report about this sort of thing and stands by it, and expects us to swallow it quietly...on pain of being convicted of the crime of disagreeing.

10 years ago, the only significant report on immigration to come out of Parliament was published by the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs.

It remains a powerful rebuttal to the "open borders" thinking of Wilson and the SNP. It was published as The Economic Impact of Immigration, Vol 1: Report.

You can download it here.